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New Beginnings - from Janina @ altFound!

I created altFound as a place for people like me – the grown geek. I designed it, alongside the talented people at Exsite, and I’m more than excited (see what I did there?) to share it with you.

I’ve been searching for years for a one-stop-shop for my breed. Sure, there are sites for “geeks”, but they feel a little basic. There are sites for the “newest” things, but newest doesn’t mean best. And of course there are sites that have interviews with “fancy” people, but fancy doesn’t mean fascinating. 

If you’re like me, your interests vary from indie video games, to subversive street art, to futurology. You life hack when possible, and you’re always looking for alternatives to mainstream fodder. Basically, you’re “alt”. Your interests don’t fall into the perfect check boxes the world has laid out.

I always assumed someone would fill the void.
No one has.

That’s what this place is for. Everyone involved will scour the internet for tech/people/hacks that fit our culture. Expect one alternative to the headlines everywhere else, every day. 

One alternative found. Every other day.

It’ll probably be niche, and not viral , but helpful or intriguing. 

Here’s what to expect from altFound:

  • altTalks : chats with fascinating people (ie: game developers, entrepreneurs, artists)
  • The Weekend Stream: a must-see streaming video for your weekend viewing pleasure
  • Giveaways: self explanatory
  • Hack Packs: 5 well priced items, that will fix an area of life (ie: jet lag, tech problems, winter blues)
  • A Shop: packed with drool worthy items (you can already peruse that)

To start! Know that this is not sponsored by some gigantic company.  If you see bugs, or broken links, please tell me!

This is for me, and my people – the freaks, the artists, the gamers, the tech heads, the thrifty bitches, the do it your damn selfers. I want to hear your voice, and see your alt findings. Email me links to things you love. And hey! If you want to write a post? I’m game. Tell me whatcha got


Hack Packs

$500 Gaming PC

View Full Pack

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