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Hi, Tech

Now that Apple has shat the bed, what laptop do you get?

PSA: Consumer Reports officially doesn’t recommend the new Macbook Pro.

Don’t worry we have alternatives.

Last fall, Apple unveiled the next phase of their vision in their dongle dystopian future in the form of the Macbook Pro starting at a whopping $2399. Consumer reports says that with an introduction of the useless touch bar and the hard switch to USB-C ports instead of the apple supported thunderbolt port means they cannot recommend the new Macbook Pro. Oh also, the newer Macbook Pro is less powerful than the old one.

If that doesn’t add insult to injury, try salt.

Now, I have been an Apple fan since the first iPhone, my 2008 Macbook Pro. Since I work in the film industry it’s kind of the brand mandate, (if your texts aren’t blue, your movie just isn’t going to get made.)  But even I think Apple has fucked up, big time.

There is tiny little brand that’s been catching up. You may have heard of them. They’re a bunch of hipsters in Seattle called MICROSOFT. They have been gaining on Apple for the past few years now. Yes, their phones can’t go toe to toe with iPhone, but their price for power ratio can.

It’s important to know that you’ve got choices. This isn’t about brand allegiance, it’s about competition, and that’s competition that we, the consumers, benefit from. Don’t sleep on the PC just yet. It’s changed and ready to take you back.

2016 Razer Blade :razer-blade

Starting at $1799

A true 4K display, one of the best graphics cards on the market, DDR4 memory, and a faster SSD. This laptop can do it all. If you’re a media professional on the go it’s a no brainer and if you’re a traveling gamer it’s a must. Not only is it powerful, it is goddamn sexy.

Microsoft-Surface-Pro-4-OfficialMicrosoft Surface Pro 4:

Starting at $699 (keyboard sold separately for $106)

Maybe you’re on the fence about getting a Macbook or going for the Pro. The Surface can offer an in-between, and the higher end Surface Book model is still more bang for less buck. The portability with power of the Surface is unrivaled.  I’ve seen it run After Effects, Premiere, a few games, and I’ve seen Janina do insanely intricate Photoshop work with 25 layers, whilst using the stylus to flip back n’ forth between programs. It’s not surprising that most corporate businesses are switching to these machines. Showing your work has never been easier and faster. Plus, it’s so much cheaper than any Apple comparable product. 

The OLD Macbook Prold and new macproo:

Starting at $1999

If your brand loyalty to Apple is so strong that you “swear he’ll change” and that you “just fell” [Janina did not approve this analogy] your alternative is last year’s Macbook Pro model. Looking at these comparisons should make you feel better about going backwards.

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