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Mad Science

Infrasound: The Frequency of Fear

Have you ever thought you witnessed a ghost or sensed an entity near by? Ever had feelings of fear, or depression that you can’t explain?

There’s a theory that this may be caused by Infrasound, a  vibration below 20Hz. This is lower that what we can “hear” as humans, but we can still feel it, subtly, and respond to it not even realizing we are, with symptoms such as headaches, sleep disorders, or general feelings of uneasiness.

Wonder what causes infrasound? Things like earthquakes, ocean waves or even vibrating pipes in your attic. Some animals like elephants, whales, and hippos use it to communicate with each other.

Vic Tandy of Coventry University who worked in a supposed “haunted” laboratory, realized after a night of what he thought was a paranormal sighting turned out to be a result of Infrasound, caused by a newly installed extractor fan!

Now, we aren’t claiming that Infrasound is the conclusion to all of these side effects, we we kinda love believing in ghosts, but infrasound vibrates at a frequency close to that which the human eye vibrates (18 Hz), and can cause humans to see things a bit strangely.

Whatcha think?

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