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UPDATE // GIVEAWAY: The Elusive Orange Moleskine


Congratulations to JennOfTheWired!

I have issues with Moleskines. They’re probably the only twee thing about me. They’re also the only way I get anything done. I make crazy-person-level to do lists and derive an embarrassing amount of pleasure from crossing things out. I often write out my lines for work, when memorizing. I’d love to say I journal… but I don’t. I have a weird rule about them, where I’m not allowed to start using the next one until I’ve finished every page of the one before.

Moleskines have become a dumping ground, for my brain.

We'll post about this wall paper ASAP

We’ll post about this wall paper ASAP

I started with the standard black Moleskine, stuffed the back pocket with too many things, and wore out the elastic. When I was done, I knew I had to make an aesthetic decision. Do I want to fill my book shelf with black spines, or start a rainbow? I chose the latter, and the next purchase was red. I used Modge Podge and pasted in a piece of this Star Wars wallpaper I had left over from my guest room.

Next was oxide green, then orange yellow, then white, then steel blue, then brilliant violet… There are so many colors.

My personal stack.

My personal stack.


The Elusive True Orange Moleskine

Then I did a deeper dive into the available colors and realized Moleskine, themselves, don’t sell an orange journal. They have coral orange, but it’s more red than orange, in my silly opinion. They make one called “true orange”, but to be able to get it, you have to go through one of those corporate gift places, buy them in bulk, and brand them.

Long story short, I called a company, and talked them into letting us buy samples (I told you I have issues). They send two, and now we here at altFound can share our insanity with you! Just share a photo of your love of Moleskines on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, and tag us @altFound to enter!

altFound Giveaway: the elusive True Orange Moleskine

Listen. I know there are other comparable journals. Many are cheaper. But these guys hold up, and now my commitment to order has reached a level in which I can no longer turn back. I don’t even know the proper pronunciation of  “Moleskine”, but apparently no one does (I say “Mole-Skeen”):

Hack Packs


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