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Life Hack

Do It Yer Damn Self : in the shop 

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As we grow, we’ll continue to curate not only drool-worthy items, but useful, and attainably priced ones.  Today, we’d like to highlight our current favs in the DIY category.




We made pinhole cameras in my high school photography class. I geeked so hard that I did that math, and made a wide angle, too.

  • Square format pinhole camera with light tight clamshell design.
  • Images of 24mm x 24mm
  • Four settings using 2 apertures plus a soft focus filter
  • Up to 50 exposures on a standard roll of 36 exposure film
  • Pinhole Cameras allow many really good close up shots due to the DOF (depth of field) of the pinhole




Get that oh-so-cool lomography look with this model.

  • The Recesky DIY Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Camera
  • Quick shutters, small apertures, fast subjects
  • Uses standard film and standard processing



  • Makes 750ml of homemade gin.
  • Includes Two 375ml Glass Bottles, Fine Stainless Steel Strainer,Stainless Steel Funnel
  • Includes One tin of juniper berries & One tin of our secret botanical blend
  • Available Refill Flavors: Smokey Blend & Spiced Blend (sold separately)





Ever wanted to print legit tshirt art? This is perfect way to start up your cool tshirt shop.

  • DIY Hinges with Screws
  • Wood 16×20 Screen
  • 10″ Squeegee
  • Green Galaxy & Pitch Black Ink
  • Full Supply Kit 
  • More ink colors here

DIY Arduino Uno 3 Starter Kit

If you read our post on Arduboy and you’re inspired to start from the ground up, this kit is for you.

  • Arduino Uno kit is enough to get you started with hundreds of arduino projects
  • Includes the Arduino Uno Rev3 Board
  • Bread Board — Holder — Jumper Wires — USB Cable — LEDs — DC Motor — Small Servo — Relay
  • Includes a total of over 190 electronic parts and components
  • 72 page full color Instruction Manual

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